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How to protect your business from DDoS attack by Cloudflare WAF

There are a lot of way to protect from DDOS. From special devices as CISCO ASR 9000. Personally I many times faced to bandwich 40 Gbps/s, but max measured in history was 250 Gbps/s.

Great and low-cost tools for prevent DDoS is Cloudflare Web Application Firewall (WAF), I use it in many times and below I show some screen from my last operation to surviving internet business. But firstly, without money this protector not working, any comprehension function start from $20/month - https://www.cloudflare.com/plans/.

After you login you can use top menu or click to your site.

On the top menu you an tune notification and set URL page you want to see instead white page.

But main menu will be opened if you click on your site name on the left. First tab is bandwidth of attack.

In this page also present setting of custom error page I mention early.

On the DNS tab you can see how Cloudflare shadow your own DNS definition and redirect user request to Cloudflare.

On the analytics tab you can see how many request you receive by countries.

Very useful is security wizard, it show a lot of options to protect site.

Also from this wizard you can jump to tune SSL and full security mode (ssl/tsl tab). In this case all inet traffic will be protected except internal traffic inside Cloudflare.

In SSL tab you can generate certificate to upload it to your server.

Next tab is Firewall, maybe this is main point for site protection.

In this tab you can see various statistics from where (country, IP, AS) you have attack to your site.

In this tab you can set up to 20 rules, but 4=5 usually is enough.

because all rules are composite.

Also firewall has about 20 rules to protect site from XSS, SQL injection and other type of attack.

Cloudwlare WAF also has own casher like Redis or Nginx.

And last important part of WAF is various options of network protection.

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