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Optimize windows performance by Junction

My last Windows (in the central computer on foto) as usually has been dead and in New year holiday I'm forced to install new Windows. When I done, I have understand that my technic can be interesing for many peoples. What common idea of tune performance of Windows installation at home?

Before I start, all I/O operation was concentrated in one hard disk and I/O queue was been huge even in simplest operation. After tuning I/O operations were distributed to all my hard disk even in hardest operation to my developer computer.

But this simple idea need preparation hard disk.

So, if disk has been prepared than lets go ahead.

I have no time to full description of tuning, but I hope you understand how to do this task. Of course, there are other way, for example hardware raid or split file system Настройка производительности SQL-сервера, but this is simplest way to distribute I/O operation to whole disk subsystem.

If you want know more about Windows, read for example this my article The simplest way to reset windows password.

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