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How to publish VS project templates to Github and Visual Studio Marketplace

In this page I want to describe procedure to publish your projects to anybody. A number of trap will be overcome to publish, for example need to add optional comment in unexpected place and this same comment will be show to end-user. Other two big trap with the name of project, name will be short and without special chars. Third trap is desktop.ini, I usually mark folder by special icon, but this simple convenient future will make using the project impossible by end-users. Even to create simple publication to Github you need be accuracy, need to use last version of Github and publish instruction in Gighub is stupid and wrong.

This five most widespread trouble you can see in screen below.

Usually I have no time to overcome that issues and simple publishing important part of code to my own domain by one click and by own tools and my own tags system inside my blog.

Also Microsoft a big scammer, and I have no wish to game with scammers in scammer places, for example is it real to download some MS Library 254 millions times? There are no so many programmers in the whole world.

And usually I install for my customer my own Git of SVN servers, for example see my ancient article from 2011 year Избавляемся от Team Foundation Server - ставим Subversion, but below I will publish how to follow Microsoft rules.

Publish to Github

Publish to Visual Studio Marketplace

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