(NOTES) NOTES (2023)

Transfer domain to Cloudflare CDN and than to Cloudflare ZeroTrust VPN.

I like https://www.cloudflare.com/ services and use it many times, for example How to protect your business from DDOS attack by Cloudflare WAF, and I use Cloudflare VPN to this site.

My domain registered in Ukraine, but as you can see in screen below it proxies with Cloudflare DNS, this mean Cloudflare redefine site IP and location independent from records in domain definition.

We can use below cashing, analytics and CDN future

But caching and analytics and CDN is only first simplest step. Most interesting Cloudflare future placed deeper. We can select ZeroTrust VPN node on Cloudflare site and firstly select plan and registering in ZeroTrust with bank card.

Than procedure very similar to Simplest VPN with Zerotier. We can create tunnel and install service to our machine.

After that we need to move domain name to ZeroTrust.

And that's it, needed domain will be routed from internal machine without IP to Cloudlare CDN with ZeroTrust VPN. Of course we need to start Apache or Nginx to machine connected to VPN, but this is another story.

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