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VmWare 7 management.

I have working with VmWare a lot of years, since VmWare 2 and those screens captured and show in my site more than 10 years ago Основы работы с VmWare and this page is continue to some administration workflow with VmWare 7.

1. Set right place to SWAP files.

My first wish in my new server was be place swap file to separate HDD. This was a very important task for me, because my server work with high overcommitment, and current server not support additional RAM but can easy expand to additional SSHD drives.

I try move swap by GUI, but failed, because swap still stored in wrong place.

Than I found this article Storing a virtual machine swap file in a location other than the default in ESX/ESXi (1004082) and try to move swap by the described way.

Also there is more simple and fast way to edit .wmx file from windows client WinSCP.

Also there are more and more swap control options.

2. Use ESXCLI to manage ESXI host.

Most of ESXI management task have no GUI realization, for example turn On/Off CIM agent Enable the CIM agent on the ESX/ESXi host. This is full list of management operation ESXi 7.0 ESXCLI Command Reference, and this is output of possible commands of esxcli.

For this management need firstly to install ESXCLI package. There is VmWare instruction for installation esxcli client, but below you can see how to do this in practice. I use this package OpenSuSE VMware-vSphere-CLI because direct download free and opensource utilities is usually forbid from VmWare to independent developers and administrators like me.

So, first task is installation.

And because this is command line tools need to create desktop Icon to quick found this tools - need only one click for icon and open next tab in terminal.

And than you are ready to use various management task for ESXI host.

3. Other.

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