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Dockerizing Linux server

Docker is an kind of restricted environment. Usually inside docker is nothing simplest utilities like top or ping. And as default installation standard program is forbidden. For use more convenient environment with (for example) simplest network utilities we can use special docker image, for example my image:

Despite a lot of advertising of dockerizing linux, a lot of most needed program is impossible to start with docker. For example, I don't know how to overcome a lot of errors for starting NET CORE apps with docker. For example on the screen below you can see normal workable site, I try to start it directly with volume, even without dockerfiles, but failed.

Than I have created dockerfile and try to start again, image has been builded successfully, but run this image was been impossible.

After I receive 10 different errors in order to start my workable site under docker, I leave this idea and start it in ordinary way without docker.

However in some case docker is useful and working. A lot of docker function you can see in topics:

Various docker command examples.

Most popular dockers.

Useful links.

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