(ASP) ASP (2009)

My own ASP.NET hosting (with dedicated server, separate VM, shared hosting, and MONO support).

This project I made by himself. In start time it was a public hosting for ASP.NET and MONO. This project has many parts, for example WebActivator - клиент/сервер защиты от копирования для платных программ or Этюды на ASP2. Простейший баг-трекер..

Also this project was develop to publish opensource (like GitHub or SourceForge) and not opensource program for receiving money. Now I use this server just only one, but all my freeware program, publishing in Freeware section had publish in this square.

A lot of articles in Linux section and Admin notes section was induced by this project, for example Сборка 1U сервера or Скажи Биллу Гейтсу "Прощай"!

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