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OpenSuse installation methods: AppImage, Snap, Alien, WebCatalog - additional ways to RPM (Zypper).

If you want to manipulate RPM packages in OpenSuse you need use Zypper and Rpm commands:

zypper dupapt-get dist-upgradeDistribution upgrade
zypper in "pkgname"apt-get install "pkgname"Install package
zypper se "pkgname"apt-cache search "pkgname"Search package
zypper refreshapt-get updateUpdate package list from repository
zypper updateapt-get upgradeUpdate all packages
zypper update "pkgname"apt-get upgrade "pkgname"Update a single package
zypper remove "pkgname"apt-get remove "pkgname"Uninstall a package
zypper packagesapt-cache pkgnamesShow all packages found in repo
zypper list-updatesapt-show-versions -uShow updateable packages
zypper info "pkgname"apt-cache show "pkgname"Show description of a package
-apt-cache depends "pkgname"Show dependencies of a package
-apt-get autoremoveRemove unused packages
rpm -qadpkg -lList installed packages
rpm -ql "pkgname"dpkg -L "pkgname"List content of installed package
rpm -qlp "pkgname".rpmdpkg --contents "pkgname".debList content of package file
rpm -i "pkgname".rpmdpkg -i "pkgname".debInstall package
rpm -qf /path/to/filedpkg -S /path/to/fileShow to which package a file belongs
rpm -i --test "pkgname".rpmdpkg -i --simulate "pkgname"Simulate installation of package
rpm -U "pkgname".rpmuse dpkg -iUpdate a package
rpm -e "pkgname"dpkg -r "pkgname"Uninstall a package

But this is only one way to installation packages to OpenSuse.

1. AppImage

A lot of cool packages to OpenSuse (for example Fiddler) distribute in AppImage launcher https://github.com/TheAssassin/AppImageLauncher/releases. So, you need to install support this launcher by package https://software.opensuse.org/package/appimaged.

2. Snap & Snapd

Second alternative way to install packages to OpenSuse is Snap/Snapd https://snapcraft.io/install/snap-store/opensuse. This way usually apply to .DEB packages from Ubuntu and has cool collection of apps https://snapcraft.io/store. This is way to install Snap/Snapd into OpenSuse.

Unfortunately in all of my OpenSuse computer Snap/Snapd is not working.

3. Alien

Alien https://salsa.debian.org/debian/alien is a great and workable converter from .DEB to .RPM packages. There are a lot of implementation to instal it to OpenSuse https://software.opensuse.org/package/alien.

4. WebCatalog

WebCatalog https://webcatalog.io/ is a great and workable collection of apps, can installed to OpenSuse by one click.

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